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WPS Office whose original name is Kingsoft Office is a free office suite provided by Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Limited. It is a practical and preferable alternative to other expensive office software for personal users, especially for students. WPS Office lets you create, edit and share office documents as you usually do with MS Office for it is compatible with MS Office to a great extent.

It deserves to mention that WPS Office is free software. It is a free office suite for any basic home users and for any school students that don't need the extra collect tools MS Office provides, because WPS Office can meet most of your needs. Besides, WPS Office’s Android and iOS versions make it convenient for users to operate office documents on mobile devices. What’s more, it has some unique features that some other office suites don’t have. For example, WPS Writer, the counterpart of MSO Word, bundles a professional PDF converter, an advanced tool to adjust paragraph and intuitive table operation by default. Those tools make documents editing easier and more efficient.

The newly released WPS Office 2014 is a significant milestone of the WPS Office project. This update includes not only popular features of previous versions, but also attractive new ones. For example, it supports split window vertically and horizontally in Writer; it adds additional Field Codes including PrintDate, DocProperty and Include Picture; it supports the ability to go back to the last edited place in the text; it adds spell check support for Spanish, Portuguese and French languages.

How to use

WPS Office 2014 adopts a small package, new installation wizard, new flash screens and many other features. During installation, users can choose the UI language for the program. Though it only support switch between Chinese and English at present, more languages will be added in later updates.

Small in size, WPS Office is no way a function-limited office suite. Better interface experience can be achieved by its distinctive UI switch feature. Its specialized paragraph layout tool, intuitive table tool and tabbed interface make your document editing easier than you thought it would be.

WPS Office 2014 opens a homepage offering templates as well as information about updates. The homepage also links to the online support center, forum and other tips and guides, which can help users settle some problems they encounter during using WPS. It changes its name with new logo which brings users better product and fire-new and comfortable user experience.

WPS Office 2014 Features

Here are some highlights of WPS Office 2014:

  • Users can choose languages between Chinese and English according to their personal needs.
  • WPS has a inbuilt spell check which supports check for US/UK English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Writer supports go back to the last edited place.
  • It can export documents to PDF files.
  • It supports Insert key and right-click the status bar to set up the Insert feature.
  • It improves adjustment tool for paragraphs.
  • Switch between open documents can be easily achieved by using the Priority Tabs feature .
  • Spreadsheets support over one million rows and 10K columns.
  • It supports document encryption to protect users’ documents.
  • Support insert and delete rows and columns in Share Workbook.
  • It contains daily used office tools: Presentation, Writer and Spreadsheet
  • It contains various classified quality templates.

Choose your download:

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wps2014_9.1.0.4674_31.115.exe exe 57.02MB N/A Windows Download
wps2014_9.1.0.4674_31.115.exe exe 57.02MB N/A Windows 8 Download
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